Invisa Fiduciary Services OÜ (hereinafter shortly "IFS") pays special attention to your personal data protection. IFS makes every effort to ensure optimal protection in the collection, processing and use of personal data necessary to fulfill the orders received. Therefore, IFS processes customer data exclusively under the requirements of the law (General Data Protection Regulations). In the document "Information on personal data protection", IFS provides information on the main aspects of data processing on its website.

IFS collects personal data of its clients required for applying for a visa, in writing, using non-automated processes. After verification for validity and completeness, this information is also transferred in a non-automatic form to the competent authority of the country concerned for further processing and making a decision.

Processing, Transfer and Storage of Personal Data

IFS carries out the processing of personal data solely for the purpose of fulfilling contractual obligations to the applicant. The method of processing and volume of operations, transmission and storage of the relevant data are determined by the requirements of the relevant visa service. IFS cannot affect the requirements of the visa service of any country, but, needless to say, we will inform you about it as soon as possible.

IFS does not collect, process, transmit or store personal data of the applicant for its own commercial purposes, in particular, not related to the performance of contractual obligations (obtaining a visa) or settlements for services rendered to the applicant under the contract.

We process the following personal data:

Full name; address and contact information (phone number, e-mail, fax, website); date of birth; citizenship; sex; marital status; passport ID; date of issue of the passport; expiry date of the passport; category and type of visa required; the number of issued visas; date of entry and exit; purpose of the trip; route of the trip; all information concerning the host organization, if any (name and contact details, such as phone number, email, fax, website), latest place of work; information on previous trips (if necessary to obtain a visa); information on medical insurance for travelers abroad; residence permit and certificate of registration in the Republic of Estonia (for citizens from non-EU / EEA countries); if necessary, in particular when issuing a long-term work or student visa - a certificate of absence of HIV; if necessary - a certificate of a disabled person for exemption from payment of consular fees.

The following persons or institutions have access to the personal data:

  • Russia: Official Visa Department of the Embassy of the Russian Federation;
  • tourist agencies.

Office staff and IFS service providers; involved banks for the implementation of automatic transfers; tax advisers for the preparation of the annual report; for collection purposes - collection agency, legal company and courts in case of unsuccessful attempts to reclaim open claims; The Federal Ministry of Finance, for example, during an external audit.

As a rule, IFS does not transfer information to third parties, but in the cases listed above we are obliged to disclose relevant information.

Personal data is usually stored no longer than the time required for the performance of the contract. In other words, it is deleted after transfer to the appropriate visa department (usually no later than in 14 days). The grounds of the longer storage of special personal data are the relevant provisions of the legislation on taxes and fees (usually seven years after the end of the calendar year), as well as the circumstances when such data is needed as evidence in judicial proceedings.

If consent is the only basis for data storage, the applicant is entitled to request the deletion of data at will.

Your Rights

You have the right to receive support information, correct, delete, impose restrictions to, transfer the data and file objections. To do this, you should contact IFS. If you believe that the processing of your data is in violation of the law on the protection of personal data, or your rights to protect personal data are violated, you can also file a complaint to the supervisory authority.

If you have expressed your consent to the processing of your data for a specific purpose (since this is, for example, confidential information such as health information), you can at any time refuse to process the data on the basis of this consent without any consequences for other procedures related to the processing of your data.